Senior Data Analyst



Wise was set up in 2015, supporting airports and their suppliers in integrating and testing baggage screening equipment. In 2019 we are a company that solves airport business problems across the world, and helps in delivery of projects from solution design to end user training. The rapid growth of the last four years is down to every staff member's energy, agility and commitment to doing the right thing.

The Wise Analytics team helps clients make business decisions from their data and our aim is to become specialists in whatever problem or decision is put in front of us. We work across a variety of software and languages, and put a lot of time into finding and learning whatever technology we need. We shy away from thinking that endless reporting is a solution and work alongside our customers to advise and educate each other on what the right decision is.

We think people do better work when they play to their strengths and do things that they like doing. Here is some of what we think you’d be able to help us with:

  • Dashboarding our data and our clients' data so that people can get to their day-to-day answers quickly.
  • Wrangling data from various sources into something usable and accessible.
  • Analysing and understanding processes using the data they generate.
  • Reporting on what you've found out. This could be a Word document or the next Wikipedia.
  • Simulating airport processes to try and understand what's going wrong or what will happen if someone changes something
  • Prototyping tools that make our analysis and knowledge work beyond the end of a project.


Almost definitely:

  • You like Microsoft and are comfortable with all things Azure, particularly when it comes to data and its visualisation. If you know how to get things done in a DevOps environment, even better.
  • You know SQL and have used it to query and design databases. A lot of our data still lives in relational databases.
  • You can gain insight from complex datasets and report on your findings in an engaging and understandable way. We want our clients to make decisions from our outputs, and be able to do that quickly
  • You are interested in logistics and systems made for physically moving people or things. Our business is built on baggage systems and we think it helps to like them
  • You can write, or have written, code in R/Python/MATLAB or something similar. We like to be able to easily repeat and share our analysis.


  • You have experience of unstructured data storage. More and more of our data doesn't fit nicely into columns and rows.
  • You have worked in an airport or material handling environment and have an understanding of the challenges and opportunities.
  • You have a degree in a numerical subject. Engineering, the sciences or maths.


  • Access to company pension scheme
  • Long term sick salary insurance
  • Free car parking
  • Laptop
  • Mobile phone allowance
  • Christmas Bonus