Transforming Automation
within Aviation

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Wise Technical are a leading independent consultancy, specialising in the development and end-to-end delivery of industrial controls, automation, and data tooling.

We’ve been helping some of the largest airports globally since 2014. Our dedicated team provide a unique blend of industry knowledge and experience mixed with fresh ideas and youthful determination, which together allow us to analyse the existing and implement the new.

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Your own data is an asset and, properly used, is a huge source of untapped value. 

Our Analytics team have experience working with airports, e-commerce, and logistics firms. We have delivered a variety of cost-saving business intelligence solutions and algorithms for baggage system resource and infrastructure planning.

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Systems Integration

Supporting your complete journey from project inception to operational use.

Our extensive experience, skillsets, and data tools, ensure an optimised approach to project delivery and testing. Compliance between solution and requirements is essential for success, and how this is realised is key to ensuring complete coverage and efficient execution. 

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Solutions Development

Delivering positive change through extensive knowledge and experience.

Our Solutions Development team is dedicated to finding long term sustainable solutions that not only understand and meet your requirements today, but also provide capabilities to operate, measure, and learn to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. 

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See how your potential can be unlocked.